Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Okay, so I first mentioned Lola in my friend Rachel's blog...    I am totally in love with this dog. [The dog that is the background of the blog. ]  She is a Newfoundland and black lab mix, super sweet and super gentle, I mentioned that she got adopted, and that I was sad about it but happy that she got her new home.   On Saturday I went to the animal shelter and walked into the dog room, I wasn't surprised to see another dog in her kennel, since I figured she had already gone to a new   home. I stopped and pet the dog in her kennel for a minute, and looked over a few kennels down... Can you guess who was in there? My big fluffy Lola. I walked over to her Kennel and pet her and loved on her, the adoptive family changed their minds. I took her outside to play, she played with a cute little pit bull named Buddy for a while, but then got bored with him and decided she wanted to play with me,  so I ran around with her for a little bit, then I got tired so I sat on the  bench. Lola got  upset that I wasn't paying attention to her for a minute, so she ran over to her  water bowl,  splashed all of the water out of it and picked  it up in her mouth and gave me this look,  like 'What are you  gonna do now?'   She ran off with it in her mouth. I was laughing and she stopped and looked at me.  She looked so happy!!! She was looking like she was smiling kind of. So, I did what she wanted me to do and I ran after her. She dropped her water bowl and I picked it up and put it back, then chased her around for a while, then she got tired and since she splashed all of her water all over the place she decided it was time to go inside, so I walked over to the door, made sure that   they were finished inside her kennel cleaning and everything.      I held her collar so she couldn't get away, and I walked her to her kennel. I am so in love with that dog... I am trying to convince my mom to adopt her, but the problem is my landlord said no pets... My mom said she is going to try to offer him a deposit so that he will allow her; we have the perfect house for her!!! She would be the only dog, have a big yard to run    in that's all fenced off,   and a loving family...  And a big bed to sleep in...    She would totally love it here I think.   I get so happy when I get to go see her and I think that she gets happy to see me too. She always seems excited. Lola   is a great dog, but because she is so big, not a lot of people want to      adopt her... It makes me sad, because she deserves the best home a dog could have.


  1. I wish I could adopt Lola. I'm falling in love with her from your posts.

    1. Aw, I wish you could too!!! I think she would be happy with you. :]

  2. What a sweet post! Lola is so cute and it’s easy to see why you fell in love with her. :)

    I think working at an animal shelter would be so very rewarding, but also so very hard because I’d get too attached to all the adorable animals and want to take them all home. It’s very sad when people change their minds about adopting a pet. But in this case, I really hope it works out and that you and your mom are able to bring Lola home to live with you!